This new blog begins my journey into an uncharted territory. I already know that what I thought I knew about technology and education is nothing. The limited knowledge I have can’t even begin to prepare me for what this program has to offer. I feel that I will definitely be challenged. I’m feeling it already… However, I do know that what I can bring back to my district will benefit the students and teachers with their journeys towards balanced instruction.

In my current position of reading consultant, I wear many hats. During the past nine years, I have also held the position of District Technology Trainer. I also help collect, organize and analyze data for standardized and curricular assessments. With the change over of our state testing to online assessments, I feel it imperative to learn how to best help students achieve success. I support teachers and have always had a desire to encourage best practices  with the integration of technology. I feel that our students, and teachers, are not ready to be assessed in a format where we have not had enough experience and practice. The topics and discussions that will happen within the confines of the course meetings and online discussions will help prepare me for being a valuable resource for my district. There is so much I would like to share. I know there will be many opportunities to do so in the future.