One of the readings for the IT&DML course was “What are Digital Literacies? Let’s Ask The Students” by Cathy Davidson (April 21, 2011). This down and dirty list of what the new generation (Gen Y) of student can “do” as far as literacy skills is the perfect share for colleagues. In the beginning of the article, the author shares what students are known for “not being able” to do (absorption with media, knowing little, lack of attention, ability to sustain real friends). The sixteen skills that Davidson discusses shows teachers and parents that students do have a skill set, it just differs from the generations previous. I love this list. It should be shared with students as well, to empower them and let them know that their skills are higher level.

It’s not as easy transition from traditional teaching. This is the challenge that we are all here facing together. I understand the struggle because it’s happening within me. I was determined to go paperless… that lasted two weeks. I went out today and purchased a lovely printer where I can print from every tool in my bag… I IMMEDIATELY felt better when I printed out an article and took my pen to it. I had to give in. Does this mean I’m not practicing good digital literacy skills? Please, let me not be a hypocrite. I believe as an educator, we need to do and support with whatever tool works to make learning successful. This, for me, is a new HP Office Pro 8600… 🙂

As for the article… I felt it was empowering for teachers, as well as students. Students today have skills. We just have to make sure we are nurturing the right ones and preparing them for the future.