The work that we have been doing with classmates has been invaluable. Not only have there been connections made around the state, the input that peers have provided is priceless. At times, we surround ourselves with teachers who teach the same discipline. This limits our scope of conversation and keeps us tight within certain communities.

Sharing my unit plan with Sally, Elizabeth and Amy provided me with insight as to where I needed to focus my lessons and target which area I wanted to enhance with technology. The concepts of what is to be covered in the unit I presented was too broad. Amy and Elizabeth have a completely different structure to their curriculum (math teachers) and they enlightened me as to what should be expected.  The group members helped me see the most important lessons and create a plan to implement.

Using the unit plan I have, I can narrow down the concept and create avenues to use traditional text, as well as online text. These resources can help students create a dimension of 21st century learning. Online reading strategies differ significantly from offline reading. Giving students a balance of opportunities reinforces Common Core Standards. Also, the creation of Animoto videos will help students synthesize the lesson’s concepts and share their presentations in a global fashion. I did include a presentation rubric to assess student achievement and use to measure growth when refining instruction based on results.

Using Google Hangouts and Google Docs was a tremendous help to Wednesday night’s meeting. As a group, we were able to meet and construct our critical feedback. This helped us gather our thoughts and be able to create a structured response while viewing the document at the same time as discussing. Students need to be utilizing these tools to be able to create a skill-set to be college and career ready.