This week’s assignment for our EDUC 7718 class was on using Twitter in the classroom. As one of the moderators for this week, I truly realize how effective collaborative work can be. I am lucky to work with a great group of women who always say what they do, and do what they say. To be able to connect with such extraordinary educators is a blessing. We each bring something different to the table, and have created a very cohesive bond.

Ian had commented in our assignment that he wanted us to share out about the topic and reflect publicly. He’s very into the public share thing… 🙂 I will say that reflecting on the topic is one piece, but also seeing how to work with others online is another. Through one of our Open Mic assignments, we were asked to look at how introverts and extroverts learn. Most of us were able to make connections to either style. Through some of the conversations I have had with other educators, it was almost a relief to know that there are so many “introverts” out there. It’s as if we could give ourselves permission to not enjoy working with others. I was one of them.

To blend the two concepts of group work and Twitter (because otherwise, this is just another therapy session for me), I will say that it brought me closer to my classmates, while being a distance away. Also, sharing the Twitter posts let other classmates see what their peers had synthesized from the lesson. The posts were collected in one document and shared. Unless I was trying to gauge my own work, I wouldn’t read the responses for meaning, just to see if mine was better. The tweet allowed the group to get a “flavor” of what others took away from the readings. Overall, these Open Mic assignments have been highly effective in learning new content for this journey I am on.