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Hi All! This is my second summer of coursework with the IT&DML program at UNH. I am on the slower track of the program, which means I still get to do all the other jobs in life with a little less stress. 🙂 I actually appreciate taking one course at a time and knowing that I can digest what is happening and try my best to apply it to my daily work. I am a Reading Consultant for grades 7-12 and enjoy embedding the new skills and concepts into my daily practice. I see myself as a huge resource for my colleagues and have always strived to assist teachers with overcoming their fears of technology and becoming more comfortable with different applications.

I am a mother of a beautiful fifteen year old daughter who inspires me to NOT be that teacher that the kids can’t stand! I’m always looking for the most engaging and relevant ways to teach my students the skills that matter today. I work mainly with grades 7 through 12, however, I like to keep my skills polished by teaching students in an early literacy summer program. I currently have 13 students who will be entering grade 3 in the fall. The focus of the four week progrm is to ensure students maintain the progress they made during the year and avoid “summer setbacks.” In addition to that, I am a teacher for the district’s GED program (Reading/Writing) and also a mentor for the Connecticut Virtual High School program. The range of contact I have with students helps me develop a deeper understanding of the learning process for students (and I get to try out really cool stuff with all different age groups).

The opportunities that the IT&DML program have provided have been amazing for the personal and professional growth we are always looking for as educators. The exploration of pushing your own limits is one of the most rewarding experiences in this program. We have developed a wonderful network of friends and colleagues that are dependable and reliable. It is an amazong program to be a part of in today’s world of technology and literacy. I look forward to meeting new peers and developing more relationships with outstanding people.