Well, I have had a year to think about this… and it hasn’t gotten any easier of a task. I appreciate the anxiety being over about the project, but tackling it is another story. I have gone back and forth about what I wanted to accomplish and how I can use the Internet to help me achieve my goal. I have already used YouTube to help me with crocheting and knitting projects for step by step instructional help and to find printed information on patterns and projects. I have used the Internet to find answers to trivia questions that my father would call and ask, so he could call his friend back (neither had a computer) and win whatever bet they had. Usually it was about Clint Eastwood movies or John Wayne, very important stuff.

I am struggling back and forth with two different projects. One is to patch the base of my chimney. Having a brook running through my backyard has proven to be a little more of an “issue” for the house than I thought. I looked online for some help with “how to patch a chimney” and found some “not so helpful” videos. There were MANY videos on repairing flashing, which was not my goal. This helped me refine my search and include the words “chimney base.” I found a five part series of videos with NO audio… just a REALLY LONG look at what someone was doing to repair his chimney base. I was fast forwarding through the videos and was quite surprised that it was more helpful than I thought. After viewing the five part series… I decided that this was a job for the man of the house… šŸ™‚

On to the next project idea… I have a collection of wooden windows that I have promised myself to “reclaim”… going on year six. I have searched many sites for ideas on how to start my project. I dabbled with an old window and decorative decals, but it was not exactly the look I wanted.

photo 2photo 1

I have used Pinterest and Youtube, and have created quite a folder of ideas. Needless to say, they are still sitting in the garage, waiting to be turned into wall decor. Here are a few ideas of what I want to do with them:


This is going to be a great adventure!!! I’ll be posting pics as I go… šŸ™‚