The Cooking with TPACK project was definitely one of those assignments that took over my thought process for weeks. I have had plenty of time to digest what the project was, so it was not as overwhelming as if I were new in the program like last year. The reflective piece is always the part that makes me sit and procrastinate. Not that I am putting off thinking about the project, but it is always the fear of the unknown, or the “I hate myself on camera” that puts the brakes on for me.

Due to the fact that I held off, I did make sure I had everything I needed in the house. The cheese and the whipping cream were the only things I really had to pick up. The one thing I SHOULD HAVE found was a willing participant to assist that I didn’t have to threaten with confiscating the phone or no weekend activities. It was a one shot deal (according to the directions), so I did have to prep the assistant in order to get her to understand that I really needed her help. The hair and makeup were done, and then we were ready to roll. What she failed to do is bring out her A game to help create the video. I do think though, my mother has an accurate word for it all… It’s called “karma.”

Attached is the video I created. I used iMovie because it was the easiest, and uploaded it to YouTube. I really did not have to edit. I followed directions and posted. Could it have been more interesting? Absolutely!!! I just don’t enjoy being in front of the camera. I have used ScreenCastoMatic, so I truly did want to use something different for this publication. I thought using iMovie was easy enough. I have some plans for my students to use the iPads to do some creating in the summer literacy program. I needed to refine my skills in iMovie first. It posted easily to YouTube and I was able to embed the video in the post. Again, it’s not edited, but an easy enough task use with my students.