I’m finding that these projects for the class are all about “the process.” I have been able to always achieve goals by envisioning the final project, seeing myself doing the task and then actually completing it. When it came time to buy my house and do all the things that needed to get done, I will admit, I was scared. I hadn’t a clue as to where to start. The Internet has always been my “go to” for instructional reasons. Before having the Internet, however, I would always ask experts on how to accomplish things (ironing pleats efficiently, knitting – yes, I knit, fixing the dryer, etc). Boy, was I on the phone A LOT!!!

In my professional career when it was BI (before Internet), I had many files and folders that I kept. Like, real ones… with tabs and labels and I got papercuts from them. I tried to keep things organized. I was never a binder person. They always ended up being too heavy. Now, because my job changes each year, I really do not keep any hard copy of what I use instructionally.  I have my electronic files and then I have Google… and now Pinterest… and TeacherPayTeacher… and a million other resources to use when I need to find something.

Ok, as far as “process” goes I will share these photos of me trekking into the garage to explore. The garage is not my favorite place. Not since I found a mother mouse sheltered in a bag of scarves that I knitted with fine Italian silk yarn giving birth to her five little babies. I’m sure the family was happy and comfortable. I will never be the same. The garage is there, holding stuff, nothing though that can harbor the next generation. The windows I have to work with are there, stacked exactly where they were five years ago. I thought they were cool… which they are… but it will be cooler when I’m done with this project.

photo 1 As you can see, the windows have multiplied while in the gargage unattended.

photo 2I will take this old peeling mess and make it into something Pinterest worthy in no time!

Other resources I have found besides Pinterest have been this site from kristendukephotography and wikiHow. I never knew the wikiHow site existed. The design of the site is helpful to all of those who need to not only see the photograph of the progression of the project, but also an embedded video to help learners who may need an alternate way of recieving information.

My next step is to sand down the windows and paint them. I am planning on using photographs of my cat Smudge that had passed away in March. She was 18 when I had to say goodbye. I believe this will be the best tribute to her and how much she meant to our family.