Ok, so I always try to justify my procrastination with a little diddy I call “processing.” Seems to work for the most part, but this time, I actually am walking away with an epithany from this project.

I have been using Pinterest for ideas on how to get the look I wanted for my project. There are so many different ways to mount photographs, and I wanted to make sure this project didn’t cost me a dime. I have all the supplies I need: windows (thank you Craigslist), paint (left over from painting the house when I moved in 5 years ago) photographs of my late cat (taken and printed from the CVS photo website – I had a coupon), sandpaper (ok, I went to my mom for that one), cardboard (from my Amazon shipment) and left over scrapbooking materials (thank you Pinterest). The ideas have all come from different examples of using old windows as picture frames. The only issue I am having now is deciding whether or not to hang the large frame on a wall. I have an old house with horsehair plaster. One wrong move and there will be a huge crack in the wall. Then I will have to cover the wall with more “art” from my projects.

Ok, so now to the epithany… I realized that the Internet does not judge or have an opinion on what I want to accomplish. There are no “ideas” to listen to from others… it’s all up to me on what I want to click on, or which image I want to save to my board. When I spoke to my mother about the expectation of the assignment, she sketched out what she thought I should do. Google does not do that to me. I know this goes MUCH deeper than a networked learning project, however, it made me realize something so important.

As teachers, we tend to guide students into the thought patterns and processes we think will be best for them. I need to just back up, give students room to make their own decisions on what to “click” on in order to expand their knowledge base, and see where it takes them. I can guide students, but I do not want to force them down a path that is not the right one.

On that note, I’m out to go start the dirty part of the project… cleaning, scraping and sanding… Oh My!!!