Summer school is over, no excuses (besides the GORGEOUS day outside and a classroom that needs to get ready for next year)… getting this project done has been a learning experience. I thought I would only use the Internet for ideas, because in my head I knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do. However, I didn’t have all the answers.

Using online photo developing has been something I’ve done numerous times. It’s truly never been an issue… until now. I am trying to crop and edit pictures to be used in the thematic window frame. This is not working out like I planned. I thought I was well versed in all of this online editing/processing/ordering stuff… I mean, I have been doing it for YEARS! Well, this is a time when size matters. The photos I am choosing do not fit the criteria for one hour processing and ordering. Yeah… didn’t think this through. So, I had to go onto the help section of the website to get help. I need much more than what they offered. I actually have to go and resize the photos that I have chosen, then RE-upload them into a different album. Oh, and if you use the backbutton… there go all of the editing “saves” you just made. Sigh…

Here is an update of the physical part of the project. I am hoping that this is done sooner than later, and comes out nice enough to display. I have about a dozen more in my garage… they would make nice Christmas gifts…:)


photo 1 (2)

Window is now scraped and ready to be sanded… hoping that it’s not lead paint.

photo 2 (2)

Sanded and ready to be painted. 70% persperation, 30% application… wise words from a friend about household jobs.

photo 4

Removing the painters tape… the best part!

photo 5


All painted and waiting for pictures to be inserted.

photo (1)