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Today I got to attend EdCampCt – an “unconference” in Simsbury, Ct. A beautiful scenic ride up Route 8 into Litchfield County to spend the day with old and new classmates. It was great seeing familiar faces, as well as meeting new people to connect with and have discussions about what inspires us the most – technology in education.

One of the first sessions was Assessing Technology Integration with @andycinek. In this session, I had great conversations with other members about how we integrate technology, how do we know it’s working and how do we plan on taking it further. The second session turned me on to the Nearpod app. I have heard about it, but seeing it in action made me want to use with students. To see the ease of use and the outcomes of engagement and motivation just among the group was inspiring.

The third session started as a moral support endevour for @Eaferry316 and her quest for information on technology coaches and their importance. The participants were amazing and shared so much information on how each district utilized their “integrationists” and what worked/failed. A great discussion was had, and inspiring words of how to get local school boards on deck with creating more of these positions was shared. @Eaferry316 wasn’t sure how the session would pan out (“if anyone even goes”), and I am happy to say, there were people sitting on the floors in order to be a part of the inspirational Ignite Talk. I also am interested in using the kizoa app to create/share a presentation using photographs. Thanks Elizabeth for your amazing talk!

I attended a discussion on “project based learning”, which has been changed to “problem-based learning”, which is now “inquiry learning.” What I connected with the most was how our assignment for our EDUC7714 class was the perfect example of inquiry learning. Loved that I had the experience of “the process” to bring back to my teachers and students for the start of a new school year.

Overall, it was an INSPIRING day filled with the buzz of tech talk and excitement of a new year. A perfectly executed un-conference which offered more in a day than years of mandated professional development. And… there were #chips!