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What a “process” this has been. I have totally surprised myself with finding out that it was not as much the project as the process that taught me something new. I learned more about online tools for photo editing and slideshare presentations than I think my actual assignment. However, I did find out that some people think I have hoarding issues. (Not true)

The project has also made me realize how important it is for file managem. ent and thinking through the resource collection piece of a project. It’s amazing how one can quickly click through resources and not realize that they are actually using ideas/insights from websites and not providing the proper recognition. I know I need to investigate licensing and creative commons more.

I am including my final presentation on my Networked Learning Project Within the presentation, I have reflected on process, as well as where I plan on going next as it applies to learning in the classroom. Thank you UNH and the IT&DML program for yet ANOTHER amazing class. So excited to share it with my colleagues!