I have been pondering what would be included in my school website or aka “Digital Learning Hub” for quite some time. As a building reading consultant, I was not responsible for my own classroom page for parent communication (posting assignments, calendars, etc.). I have, however, envisioned a page similar to other useful pages from around the web that can be a one-stop spot for teachers who need some ideas.

My issue is the ever-changing pace of “new literacies.” There is no way around this, so I know that there is going to be a constant need for updating. There is nothing worse than visiting a site and having bad links sprinkled throughout. So, my vision NEEDS to come together not only as a task for this class, but as proof that I can walk the walk.

My thoughts are as follows – one page for parents (how to help students at home, latest research on best practices, schoolwide assessment results), one page for teachers and one for students. The page for teachers will take time and will need input from others. I want to connect CCSS to certain sites so teachers can easily find examples or idea-spurring activities. I believe that searching is a refined skill that needs a lot of practice, but I would rather have buy-in locally with my teachers than shut-down. If I could work with our current curriculum and embed links to videos, pages, activities that are relevant, then it would provide a direction. The student page will be different examples of school-wide projects. These exemplars will assist students in seeing what a certain expectation is and how they can achieve. I know that I do not want to stifle learning by having student copy projects, but if it gets them in the right direction, that will be helpful.

I am currently trying to decide which hosting site to use. I want to be able to post in school, so I know teachers can access and share while at work. This means a nice cup of coffee for the IT Director and a conversation about what we can use and what I can have released for the district. Pinterest is not accessible, so this may take 2 or 3 cups…