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I think for the first time I’m understanding what the word “synthesis” means when it applies to metacognitive development. Whether I haven’t been open to it or challenged enough to “think,” I feel as if I have truly just grown up a little as I sit here in Barnes and Noble trying to work on my assignments.

I was reading through Researching New Literacies: Web 2.0 Practices and Insider Perspectives (Lankshear and Knobel, 2007) when a few words jumped out of the page at me. The first was mindset. Our district had a book study on Carol Dweck’s Mindset: The New Psychology on Success. It seems as if it’s a no-brainer… we all need to grow in order to be successful. We need to be open to new experiences and fail in order to know what success is and how to achieve it. Table 1 Some dimensions and variations between mindsets (Lankshear and Knobel 2006a: 38) is an excellent breakdown of how our educators view technology in the classroom. I have always understood the battles my teachers have with feeling comfortable enough to integrate technology into their lessons. Now I am understanding that their mindset is different. Knowing this, I can continue to build on my relationship with them in order to help shift their thinking.

In the article, it discusses “relationships” in the sense of technology. This is the other word that has struck a chord. I am realizing that with the relationships that I have built throughout my 18 years in district, I can help shift the teachers’ mindsets to help develop new literacies in a safe and open environment and not a forced initiative. My digital hub will help connect teachers to lessons that will show them the change in technology, how digital tooks will improve student learning and how to prepare students for jobs that haven’t even been created yet.

Now, speaking of shifting mindsets… I was given a “free” cookie because my order got messed up. I no longer eat cookies. But… who can throw away a free cookie???? This has been a shift in my mindset to eat and be healthier. It’s not easy, but I’m doing it… It can be done!

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