Yes, I want to be the female version of Cybraryman. I want to have my digital learning hub set up for others to visit, navigate easily and be an efficient site to keep on their list of “go to” sites. And when I click on Cybraryman’s site… I say… hub(ba) hub(ba)…

I have spent some time exploring Google Sites. I have found a variety of exemplars on line that will help me get ideas for how I want my site to look. The exemplars and templates that are available through Google Sites have really shown me what is available and what is possible. I have found that Kyle Pace has an excellent resource to help me get started, as well as using Ian O’Byrne’s post from his Digitally Literate site entitled Use Google Sites to Build Your Own Digital Learning Hub.

Kyle Pace has a list of Google Site examplars that have helped me narrow down how I want my hub to look. An excellent example is this 8th grade Language Arts team page ( This site includes teacher photos, links to email and Twitter, class syllabus, grading policy, supply list, a tech survey and useful links for student resources. This seems like a great way to begin. A lot of foundational work goes into creating a digital learning hub and working together as a team and using a platform that has an emphasis on collaboration.

I know this adventure is my own at this point, but my goal is to be able to help teachers build their own digital learning hubs, as well as collaborate and share resources district-wide for professional development and parent communication.

I’m fighting with how to change the template at this point… This will be worth it in the end, I know it will.