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I have never been one for change if I am comfortable with something. So now that we need to step out of our comfort zone and create a platform for our work, I’m feeling that same reflective guilt that has been in full force since July of 2013. Some call it procrastination… but let’s refer to it as “professional reflective practice” with an element of “oh crap, I have to get this done.” The guilt of the posts not being done in a systematic way is what is bothering me. I am ALWAYS thinking about what has to get done, but getting it done is another matter. I have learned how to prioritize and use time more efficiently. It’s just that there is still that cloud of accountability hanging low.

I have been fighting with Google Sites because I don’t really like it. At least, right now I don’t. I will figure it out, I will be able to tool around and find my way. It’s a time thing. When time is so limited, and we need to devote our precious moments to something that doesn’t come easy, I believe our natural reaction is to avoid. I feel lucky to have seen the other students’ portfolios and feel that Wix may be easier for me to manipulate as an appropriate platform. I am also dealing with the district site and trying to develop that one, as well. I don’t want to link outside of that page just yet. I need to set an example for staff. You know… what we have can do the job, so don’t complain… It’s like a snowball effect of where I need to put my information. Also, I have been asked to do multiple presentations for staff. My position is changing, but without the acknowledgment of “she can’t do both”… because I don’t want to ruin it for myself. I battle between doing what I love (the technology coaching piece) and I’m still teaching a few classes and heading up the intervention program.

So, I am still working on the site and fine-tuning the school website. Continually a work in progress…